The Walking Dead
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A brief look at Season One of The Walking Dead, the greatest post-apocalyptic series ever created.

*Contains Spoilers (Duh)

The first season of AMC’s television series The Walking Dead centers on Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes, who was shot in an altercation with several criminals. His injuries result in him slipping into a coma for an indeterminate amount of time, after which he awakens into a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, which the survivors colloquially call Walkers. He discovers that his wife and son are missing and, after arming himself, sets off on a perilous journey for Atlanta, Georgia, where the CDC is rumored to have set up a quarantined safe-zone in the city and his family may be hiding. However, he soon discovers that the city has been overrun with Walkers and it is no longer safe...


Days Gone Bye

Days Gone Bye

Deputy Rick Grimes awakens in an abandoned hospital to find a world occupied by the walking dead. He finds that his wife Lori and his son Carl have disappeared. Rick departs for Atlanta, Georgia, where the CDC has set up a quarantine zone. Lori has begun a romantic relationship with Rick’s old partner and best friend, Shane Walsh. Rick survives a wave of walkers by slipping into a tank and sealing himself inside.

Originally aired: October 31, 2010




Rick escapes from the tank and meets up with Glenn’s friends, a scavenging team of survivors that includes Lori, Carl, and Shane. Rick’s shooting spree has brought their department store hideout to the attention of the walkers. Rick and Glenn cover themselves in a walker's blood and guts and escape the city, leaving Merle chained to the pipe on the roof after T-Dog trips and drops the handcuff key down the drain.

Originally aired: November 7, 2010


Tell it to the frogs

Tell It to the Frogs

Rick has an emotional reunion with his wife and son, yet decides return to Atlanta to rescue Merle and retrieve the ammunition bag he dropped in the street. Rick is accompanied by Merle’s upset and distrusting younger brother Daryl as well as Glenn and T-Dog. Rick’s return is a surprise, since Shane had told Lori that Rick was dead. The rescue team makes it to Atlanta and discover a hacksaw, and Merle’s dismembered hand.

Originally aired: November 14, 2010




The group is attacked by several Latino men who take Glenn as a hostage. Rick and the others go to their hideout hoping to make a prisoner trade. Grimes realizes their “thug” image is a front. Upon leaving, they discover that Merle has stolen their van. Back at camp, a wave of walkers ambushes the group. Several members are killed, but Rick and the rescuers return just in time to kill the remaining walkers.

Originally aired: November 21, 2010




Andrea remains protective of Amy until it returns as a walker. Andrea apologizes and kills Amy again. Jim reveals that he was bitten by a walker, and the group decides to take him to the CDC though Shane believes the trip is a dead end. They leave Jim on the side of the road and find the CDC building is empty, yet Rick looks for a way in.

Originally aired: November 28, 2010




The group enjoys hot showers and wine at the CDC. The next morning, Dr. Jenner explains the process in the brain that takes place when a person returns as a walker and that the CDC will soon self-destruct. Jenner locks them in, yet Rick convinces him to release them. Jenner whispers something inaudible, and no doubt very important, to Rick moments before the building explodes.

Originally aired: December 5, 2010